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702 S. Highland Ave.
Landis, NC 28088

  • Quality Dental Care for Your Whole Family

    From a first cleaning to care throughout adulthood

    Merrell Family Dentistry provides quality dental care for every member of your family whatever their age from invisible braces to implants and dentures.

    Merrell Family Dentistry is dedicated to quality customer care and guarantees a top-notch experience at every visit.

    We understand that our patients are busy, and for that reason we specialize in same day cosmetic dentistry procedures including crowns and implants. 

  • services to perfect your smile

    We Can Help Perfect Your Smile…

    With a range of cosmetic procedures including:

    • Whitening
    • Clear Correct® Invisible Braces
    • Veneers
    • Crowns
    • Bridges
    • Implants

  • Cerec one day dentistry

    Same Day Restorations and Implants

    Advanced digital technology means a permanent restoration in just one visit

    Get crowns, bridges and implants the same day. Convenience, quality and durability with the state-of-the-art CEREC system.

  • 3D Dental XRay

    Leading Edge 3-D Panoramic X-Ray Diagnostic Technology

    Helps us create fast and specific diagnoses for dental treatment and early detection of health conditions.

    • Reveal tissues as well as teeth and bones
    • Uncover hidden issues
    • See impacted teeth
    • Show jaw, nasal and sinus areas
    • Aids in precise implants

  • safe dentist

    A Little Apprehensive?

    Every member of our staff is dedicated to your personal comfort

    We want to ensure a positive experience whether you’re having a routine cleaning, getting a crown or being fitted for dentures.

  • Merrell Family Dentistry Staff

    Meet Our Staff

    Dedicated to quality care and your personal comfort

    Merrell Family Dentistry guarantees top-notch care. Every member of our team wants to ensure a positive experience whether you're getting a routine cleaning, oral exam, a crown, or being fitted for dentures.

  • We Know You’re Busy

    Our Patient Connect 365 system keeps you in touch 24/7

    We understand that our patients are busy, and for that reason we employ a patient communications system, Patient Connect 365. An online portal where you can request appointments and reminders or access your account online at your convenience.

Make appointments at your convenience, 24/7.

Log in to your account anytime day or night.

Crowns and implants in one visit! Watch the videos…

Save time and fill out forms online before you come in.

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702 S. Highland Ave.
Landis, NC 28088